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    And the Notebook...

    The first item was interesting....

    NITRO FIELDS NOT FULL – The Top Fuel class had just 14 entrants for the New England Nationals, and the Funny Car class had only 15.

    "None of that’s a signal of doom and gloom for the nitro classes. The Top Fuel class alone has a handful of new shoes waiting to get on track in the near future: Brandon Welch, Justin Ashley, Ashley Sanford, Jasmine Salinas, and possibly Jianna Salinas, Matt Sackman, Corey Michalek, Artie Allen, and Jndia Erbacher and, one day, Julie Nataas."

    I respectfully disagree that it's not a sign of a problem.... Besides that, how many years have some of these "new shoes" been waiting for the funding to get in Top Fuel? The only ones that have a chance are the self/family funded....

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    Hopefully Mike will follow what John did with his gals and have them drive a alcohol dragster for a couple of years. The one girl crashed her bike from a lack of driving experience. We do not need a tragic event to occur.

    I was lucky enough to see many of Troy Jr. testing runs in PHX and then his runs at the national event. He had many scary top end issues. It was a miracle that he did not crash.

    With how NHRA preps the track now or should I say the lack of prep, I would not even consider going to a summer race.

    Out of the next 4 events before Indy, how many will have a bump in the nitro classes?

    I thought New England Dragway was going to do major updates.

    NHRA should be required to give a partial refund for short fields and terrible racing. TF was a disaster. Then again NHRA raced on Friday in PHX this year so they did not have to give fans a free ticket next year.

  • New England Dragway is an old track with a storied past. There needs to be some significant improvements to the track and the facility. It is not a fitting place for a national event.

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    I would say it's not fitting for a race in a major US market like Boston.

    It would be okay for a race in Tulsa that is small market and could play up the historical part of it, Oh, wait Tulsa already has a track like this and would like a national event. Maybe they should move this race to Tulsa. Then they could ask Mr. Smith to build a proper track for the Boston Market.

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    Thank you part time TF'ers or we would only have 9 running this weekend. THANK YOU!

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    Jim Dunning Top Dragster

    Car#-Driver(Opp'nt)-RT-----ET-- Speed-----Car#-Driver(Opp'nt)-RT-----ET-- Speed
     1831 Jim Dunn                             191B Ray Balian                   
    E1                   0.028  6.851 201.91     ****WINNER****  0.021  7.004 174.75
             T/D  Dial: 6.57 (+/-):  0.281             T/D  Dial: 6.88 (+/-):  0.124
     Qualified:            #31  7.715 154.26                       #16  6.842 197.10

  • For the teams in waiting to step up from A Fuel The NHRA has to want to HELP. Unless they have brand name or a connection to NHRA and sometimes that doesn't even help as we see.

    The main problem is. The cars are not on TV enough for the amount of money they need to run. The teams need to learn, that multiple smaller sponsorships are just as good as one for all year.

    When you have fortune 500 companies tell teams NO at the last minute we have changed our mind after being all in, that should tell you something.

    The Western Swing will tell you a lot as well.

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    A bit more track prep for the summer races, perhaps? Maybe prep it like days of old when they know the track temp is going to exceed, say, 130 degrees? It's not like they're going to be running 330+ anyway and it'd be nice to see something besides a bunch of nitro passes that wouldn't qualify them for a Pro Mod field.

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