Garlits believes TF and FC can return to 1320. Two current crew chiefs disagree

Garlits believes TF and FC can return to 1320. Two current crew chiefs disagree


  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited July 24

    "You’d run a whole meet on one engine."

    Ummmm. with nitro? Not likely. LOL

  • FootbrakeFootbrake Senior Member

    Maybe one engine, and several pistons... 😋

    a crank...

    a blower...

    spare heads...

    And I have a lot of respect for Mark Oswald, but I disagree with him on this quote:

    “Personally, I wouldn’t go to see it. Drag racing’s an acceleration contest,” Oswald said. “What is a 300 mile-an-hour car in a quarter-mile? It’s a glorified alcohol car. People will not watch that; I won’t watch that. Don’t you go for the noise and the acceleration? I do. To me, it’s the noise and the acceleration that the people like.”

    It is anything BUT an alcohol car. It still is nitro, and that stuff will still stress parts. And it still is an acceleration contest.

    Just not as fast as he is used to going.

    Just my opinion of coarse, but I sure hope no one lets their ego get in the way...

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Bring a Nitro Nostalgia class in and have the best of both worlds.

  • z28camaroz28camaro Senior Member

    there's no going backwards. No one wants to slow down except insurance carrier. If you want to see 1/4 mile go Nostalgia.

  • TopFuel@LionsTopFuel@Lions Senior Member

    I do.


  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member
    edited July 24

    The funny thing is they are going to slow the cars down to 300 to 310 in a 1000 feet. Then,1/8 mile will come in.

    I know everyone will bolt if it goes to 1/8, but tracks can be built or updated to the 1/8 with stadium seating and all the fans would be able to see the start to end of the race. MWPM raced at purposely built 1/8 track in TX with the scoreboard situated properly for the track length. It was a small track, with small stands, but it looked packed and didn't look awkward like 1/8 mile racing on a 1/4 mile track.

    I know everyone will hate this.... Have a max they can run. 3.8 in TF and 4.00 in FC. No index on the board. If a racers runs faster than the max, just give the win light to the other racer. The red writer a couple of years ago said at the PHX race that these guys can run 3.700 in TF and 3.900 in FC all day long. They smoke the tires and blow up trying to go faster. If the racers are in the margin were the car will go down the track without smoking the tires and blowing up that's a win/win for the racers and fans. This would bring costs down and no one will be spending huge dollars to go faster.

    I don't support these ideas per say, but remember that NHRA and the racers have destroyed almost every tradition from 1/4 mile racing, racing at night, nitro percentages, burnouts, throttle whacks, all the classes at each event, dry hops.... Why not this?

    Okay, armor has been put on...

  • Gen. DisarrayGen. Disarray Senior Member

    The truth is , both sides are right . 1320 is drag racing , but Its unsafe .And I will say this , if Oswald was with an underfunded his tune would change .

  • mossybackmossyback Senior Member
    edited July 30

    I saw a comment elsewhere that the rumor is $100,000 to win @ 1320' for 4 races next year : Phoenix, Gainesville, Topeka, and Brainerd.

  • RVT1000RVT1000 Senior Member

    If the only desire is to continually go quicker and faster, then the only option will be to shorten the racetrack. The speeds achieved in 1,000' racing show that.

    But if entertainment is the desired product, slowing the cars down the way Big suggests is a valid option. I've been to many, many live events and watched countless races on TV. None of that was driven by a burning desire to see a record broken.

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