Scott Palmer Altering His Plans After Missing Countdown


  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    I would do like Palmer and I thought more would do the same in this low sponsor $$$ era.

    Live to fight another day.

  • Start building your arsenal towards 2020. Give the crew guys some home time and home cooking. As they say its only money and time. a lot of both.

    300 or Bust for the Pro Mod!

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    OK… Bill B. says it’s time to stir the pot some more.

    Scott Palmer stays home since he’s out of the Clowndown. Smart move financially unless it hurts Catspot. 

    But if Palmer not racing in a major market doesn’t hurt the Catspot marketing ROI, why is Catspot sponsoring a T/F dragster at all?  …Well it’s because Tommy Tompkins and Scott Palmer absolutely  l  o  v  e drag racing nitro cars and… Tompkins has the money to blow on it. (Can you say “tax write off”?)

    Does this mean all of the other non-Clowndown T/F cars that show up for the Clowndown races will actually see positive ROI for their sponsors?  Really?   REALLY?  Lucas Oil and The Greek??   Nah. I believe it’s only because Forest Lucas loves the idea of The Greek still being out there at 80 whatever years old. (Can you say “tax write off”)  

    I’ve already stated a couple of ideas in the past for improving the Clowndown/Countdown to make it an honest championship. Here’s another one.

    New Rule: The only T/F cars that can race in the Countdown are the 10 that qualify. Don’t make the Countdown… Go home just like in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. But 10 cars equals bye runs! Nope… no bye runs (I hate bye runs as a spectator and former promoter.) The 10 Countdown cars would qualify as normal on Friday and Saturday. First round on Sunday is #7 vs. #10 and #8 vs. #9. That’s right, first round is only for the 4 bottom qualifying countdown cars and the losers of that round don’t get any points. The winners get the same number of points the #1 thru #6 qualifiers get for making it to the 2nd round. Now it’s an 8 car field that’s put on an 8 car ladder with the #1 car vs. the winner of the #8 vs. #9 race and of course… #1 has lane choice. The winner of the #7 vs. #10 race races the #2 qualifier with #2 having lane choice. Oh! The money NHRA saves by not paying the #11 thru #16 cars gets divided up among all ten teams that are in the Countdown. 

    Now why would NHRA do that?

     1. Non-Clowndown cars should not have the ability to take a dive for a team car in the Clowndown.  

    2. Major sponsors that have a car qualified in the Countdown shouldn’t have to share TV time with a weak sister just making half hearted passes or the four time a year car sponsored by their local strip bar. 

    3. NHRA’s Countdown image should be similar to the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL in that ONLY the best of the best is on the track. The major stick, ball and puck promoters don’t let their worst teams near their playoffs. Why should NHRA? 

    4. If you think the pressure that was on Cruz Pedregon and Terry McMillen was intense this year, can you image how pressure packed it would be this way?   Indy would be even more amazing!

     5. Can you imagine the bonuses JFR/DSR/CKR and others could command in their sponsor contracts for making the Countdown?  Yes, sponsor contracts would be written with “X” amount of money for 18 races plus “X” bonus money for making the Countdown.

    6. Major money would be saved by the non-Countdown teams as they wouldn’t tow across the country just to make one or two somewhat lame qualifying passes out of the four available just so they get NHRA’s small amount of qualifying money. Instead, they could actually get booked by tracks that can’t get T/F cars now. The Kansas Int’l. Raceway, Orlando Speedworld, Bradenton, Spokane, South GA Motorsports Park and Dragway 42’s of the world could actually promote a small T/F or Nitro Funny Car show. 

    7. Super Bowl ads cost how much per 30 seconds? Why are they so much? Because they are worth it to the ad buyer in profit. Make the NHRA Countdown worth it in ROI to major sponsors.  Think Tide instead of Beef Jerky. (And I have bought and do enjoy Oberto’s products… it’s just that Tide can pay more if the ROI pays more.)   

    The Super Bowl doesn’t showcase the NFL’s last place teams for a reason. 

    It’s time to up the NHRA ROI by increasing the value of the Countdown to their racer’s sponsors.  

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited September 2019

    Some good points. But I never like the idea of turning cars away. After all, NHRA allows Jr dragsters to take up time at their "big show" so I doubt they're in the mindset to make the Countdown solely populated by the top teams. The other side effect is that other teams will stop competing and you're left with maybe four cars punching at each other. The same four cars, over and over. Yawn. I like the Yankees but do I want to see them in the World Series every year? No.

    I agree that there can from time to time be a "filler" car helped along by a team hoping it takes out one of their main competitors but that isn't an effective long-term strategy to collect championships. If a big car loses to a "weaker" car then they got beat. Period. Same mindset if the top NFL team makes an idiot final play in the Super Bowl. (Remember, I live in Seattle. LOL) You get beat whether you deserved to win or not.

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    It was suggested years ago to have qualifying as is current but once finalized all Countdown cars go on one side of ladder and non- Countdown plus #9 and #10 on the other side. #9 and #10 only get qualifying points while 1 to 8 have at it without “dive cars” screwing up the racing. If #9 and #10 want to be able to earn more points.... qualify better! That way #11 to #16 still get to race on Sunday to keep their sponsors happy. Final would be weird though.

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