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Coming soon from Greenlight:

From Greenlights FB page:

"Check out the deco sample images for GreenLight Collectibles Item #13553 1:18 Four-Post Lift - Falken Tire! This beauty hits the market in first quarter 2020"


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    From Greenlight:

    "This brand new GMP deco sample looks fabulous! Check out the images of Item No. GMP-18917 1:18 GMP Vintage Dragster - Greer - Black - Prudhomme Dragster! Some new tooling parts on this model:

    - New front axle mounted air foil

    - New 4 hole intake scoop

    Hitting the market in March 2020"

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    For you ZINGERS fans!

    Available for preorder soon from Grandpa's Die Cast Premium Lines

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    From Grandpa's Die Cast Premium Lines:

    Arriving in Oct / Nov! M2 1:64 Mooneyes - 1967 Chevrolet Nova Gasser - Gassers Release 1

    • Body is Bright Yellow

    • Stripes are Black

    • Interior is Black

    • Headers are Semi-Gloss White

    • Engine is Orange

    • Very Limited Edition

    $7.99 plus shipping.

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    1970 Dodge D-300 1:18th Burnt Orange Ramp Truck by ACME

    These ramp trucks come loaded with some great features:

    Sealed diecast body

    Pose-able steering

    Fully detailed interior

    Removable headache rack

    Adjustable wheel chocks on the bed so that you can fit virtually any 1:18th scale car model on the bed

    Slide out ramps

    Detailed chassis

    Dual rear wheels

    Rubber tires

    Cab lights

    Tow mirrors

    Storage compartment detailing on the bed and much more

    ETA: July 2020

  • If you have never bought a ACME/GMP piece of Diecast you will not be disappointed. I was a original GMP dealer back in the day. I still buy collections and come across there product for the second and third time from people. The diecast is of great quality, heavy, limited production, once they sell out that is it. They will not make another run of the same item.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    New item from M2 Machines arriving NEXT WEEK, $34.99 plus shipping. Sold in sets only:

    Gassers Release 51 - 6-Piece High-Detail SET in NON-RETURNABLE FACTORY SEALED CASE

    Each car comes in an acrylic case with pegable packaging. Incredible detail as never seen in 1/64 scale before, especially at this price-point, with small production runs! Look for the added element of surprise with M2Machines' very rare Chase Cars inserted into cases at random.

    • Unrestrained - 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

    • Quick Draw - 1966 Dodge Charger

    • Speed Dawg - 1966 Dodge Charger

    • Pony Up - 1966 Ford Mustang

    • Competition Cams - 1967 Chevrolet Nova

    • Little Instigator - 1967 Chevrolet Nova

    * Cases are factory sealed, we cannot guarantee the contents or condition of each item in the case.

    (click on pic to enlarge)


  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    Boy the 1/24 funny cars that I used buy are sad. Nothing that catches my eyes anymore for somebody that has over 90.

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    I have three of four of their 1/12th scale Ford GT40 LeMans winners, all three with GMP display cases. I doubt I'd ever part with them...

    Also the '67 Shelby GT500 fastback and '68 GT500 convertible, in 1/24th scale. They compare fairly well to Danbury Mint's 1/24th series, and are miles ahead of anything by Franklin Mint..

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    That conjures up some recollections....

    The chassis/engines in Action/RCCA's first series of 1/24th Funny Cars in the early to mid-90's are straight up copies of Monogram's from their mid-80's to early '90's plastic kits.... The only redeeming quality was the accuracy of the bodies and graphics. And their phony production numbers will never be forgiven....

  • Come on now, how can you say that about Fast Freddy and Co? Especially the production numbers? One particular Diecast Car comes to mind. The Ed McCulloch Miller Funny Car 1:24 in the Case. Those were on the first Blow Out list. Even before the Blow Out List Action was selling out the Back Door to select people. I was fortunate enough to get hooked up with one of the people.

    I bought 15 cases of Drag Racing just to make sure he was legitimate. He was. I went down and met him in person next shipment on the way to the Pomona diecast show to supplement what I already had. I bought another 75 cases of cars. I bought all of his Miller Funny Cars and John Force Brute Funny Cars.

    I bulk stacked the cars on the table and the rest against the wall. I left the rest in the trailer. I had a nice array of diecast. Word spread quickly I had a lot of Club Pieces and I was loosing my "ass".

    Dealers wanted to know if I had more. Yes. How many? Enough. I ended up selling all of the Club pieces I brought with me and oh yes I lost my ass.

    The Blow Out List came out two weeks later. The Miller Car was on the list. I hit the car hard again. I ordered $7500.00 worth of diecast at my cost. It was 172 cases of cars.

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    Deco sample images for GMP Item No. GMP-18932 1:18 GMP - 1:18 GMP 1969 Mustang Gasser - Show Stopper - Triple Gloss Black! This beauty, due out in August 2020, comes with the following features:

    - Die-cast metal body

    - Accurately detailed and operating tilt body and hood

    - Body prop to hold the body in the raised position

    - Full roll cage

    - Wheelie bars

    - Opening doors

    - Fully plumbed and wired injected 429 engine

    - Poseable steering

    - Chrome gasser drag wheels

    (Click on pics to enlarge)

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    This officially licensed 1:18th scale diecast collectible car is engineered by ACME USA

    New Drag Race Frame

    Raised Rear End

    Blown Big Block Chevrolet 572 Engine

    Custom Race Headers

    Straight Axle Front Suspension

    Chrome Drag Wheels & Tyres

    Opening Doors, Hood & Trunk

    Pose-able Steering

    New Manual Shifter

    New Transmission

    New Deep Race Oil Pan

    Cloth Seat Belts

    Roll Bar

    Blue Tinted Windows

    Trunk Mounted Battery

    Limited Production of: 750 Models World Wide

    ETA: September 2020

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    An update about 2020 NHRA diecast:

    With John Force Racing parking racing operations for the 2020 season there are many wondering if this would have any effect on the new JFR releases. The team Force 1/24th scale die-cast replica line-up for 2020 indeed has changed with one car being at least delayed and or more than likely cancelled and that car is the 2020 Brittany Force Monster Energy Drink Top Fuel car. An updated 2021 release period with nothing more specific so with that in our opinion that Top Fuel car more than likely will be cancelled. We will be reaching out to all of our customers who have placed pre-orders on the 2020 Monster Energy Drink car and for those who have pre-paid we will be refunding all payments received immediately.


     On a more positive note the 2020 John Force PEAK BlueDef and the 2020 Robert Hight AAA Chevrolet SS Camaro Funny Cars from AutoWorld are on the water and we will begin shipping all pre-orders on those 2 cars in the next couple of weeks.

    The 2020 Austin Prock Montana Brand Rocky Mountain Twist Top Fuel 

    2020 Brittany Force Flavor-Pak Top Fuel

    we are looking for an end of August estimated of arrival to us here in the U.S. 

    The 2020 Matt Hagan MOPAR Dodge Charger RT Hellcat Funny Car is on schedule for an early October arrival.    

    We also have a new release announcement for 2020. This news has been out there for a couple of weeks so with that many of you may already know about it.

    The 2020 Tim Wilkerson LRS Mustang Funny car you have seen trackside the last couple of races is being produced by AutoWorld in 1/24th scale and yes we will have the car. This release has an estimated release period of mid to late October. We are now offering the LRS car for pre-order with no payment required.

    There is a new 2020 Cruz Pedregon Snap-On 1/24th scale replica that has been released. The replica is a Snap-On Tools only exclusive.

    On this next request from us we hope all of you will give us your valuable opinions. Doing runs like this are not an easy process and not to mention very expensive so please take the time to let us know what you think. Neither car has been approved yet for licensing so with that we would have a ways to go before production if we decided to do so but we are certainly interested if you are as well.

    Of these 2 cars which would you like to see produced?

    An answer of both at the moment will not work so please keep that in mind. But that doesn't mean both cars we may not see.

    Using The Legends of The Quarter Mile tooling from AutoWorld in 1/18th scale.

    Limited to a 500 car production run only!!!

    #1/The Revell sponsored Roland Leong 1974 "HAWAIIN" Dodge Charger driven by Gordie Bonin. This would NOT be the same car that Revell produced in a 1/16th scale model kit back in the day that Leroy Chadderton drove. The cars are similar but they are slightly different. The first Hawaiin release from AutoWorld's Legends of the Quarter Mile Series are nowhere to be found and if you can find one the car brings a premium. Also Gordie Bonin at the wheel is significant. Gordie Bonin as we all know was one of the most popular drivers of all time. 

     #2/ The Danny Ongais driven Vels Parnelli Jones 1973 Plymouth Barracuda Funny Car. The earlier Ford Mustang release of the Vels Parnelli Jones car wasn't right. The Mustang bodied version of this car didn't sit right in our opinion. The Barracuda released cars from AutoWorld over the years have all been a nice fit and look. We feel that the Barracuda version of the Vel's Parnelli Jones Funny Cars from back in the day was a much cooler looking car than the Mustang. 

    AutoWorld at this time will not retool a new body so for now no Dusters/Demons/Vega ect.

    Creating new tooling is very expensive.

    So is it #1 or #2. Please help us out with your thoughts by sending us a message back or responding on facebook. 


  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    Like Tim’s FC, I haven’t bought in three years.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Let your voice be heard!

    Greenlight is taking a quick survey on what people want:


  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member
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    Haven’t bought in years. Have over 100 FCs. Might be parting with some.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Me either and me too. Models as well.

    The last diecast I bought was the 1:18 BIGFOOT from Greenlight and the last drag racing car was the pitiful Action 1:24 Hight's 339.87 (LAPD) car. The chassis was absolute junk and void of any detail at all. Looks like they just made one single chassis mold (engine and all) and put wheels on it. Awful and a total reverse on what Action used to do.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Just posted on Cruz FB page:

    "CHECK THIS OUT: Snap-on Tools has taken our Nitro Funny Car in The Pink Fund colors and produced a set of 1:64 diecasts.

    These are available ONLY through your local Snap-on Franchisee!

    Get them now!"

  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    I was hoping they would be 1/24th scale.cool

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Tony's Okuma 1:24th NHRA Top Fuel Dragster by Autoworld preorders now open.

    (Click on pic to enlarge)

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    thinking about selling some of mine off now. Have a matt hagan one on eBay now.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Getting ready to sell off my models/diecast on Feebay as well.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    From Jim Ledbetter at NHRA Diecast Depot FB page:

    "Not For Sale. A couple of shots of this Hellcat Redeye Top Fueler I did For DSR’s Riley Auction"

  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    Nice looking. I was thinking the hagan funny car that looks like the rail would be a hot one

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    I've been fortunate to have logged a few hundred miles in the passenger seat of a Red Eye Wide Body. One word....... uneffingreal! "Sport" mode is like driving on ice- literally. It had us laughing so hard a few times we could hardly catch our breath and there was more smoke than a 3 alarm fire! "Drag" mode.... WOW! Only 2,000 miles on the car and the rear tires are probably at half tread life! That's OK, a fresh set of M/T's are already waiting in the garage.

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    These ACME 1:18th scale ramp truck:

    Sealed diecast body

    Pose-able steering

    Fully detailed interior

    Removable headache rack

    Adjustable wheel chocks on the bed so that you can fit virtually any 1:18th scale car model on the bed

    Slide out ramps

    Detailed chassis

    Dual rear wheels

    Rubber tires

    Cab lights

    Tow mirrors

    Storage compartment detailing on the bed and much more

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    Besides being a prolific racer and the pioneering founder of the first plastic kit mail order company, Auto World, Oscar was a first rate PR guy for other racers and athletes, and was also the founder of the Polish Racing Drivers of America.....

    RIP Koveleski...

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