ARP Question of the Week: "Who is the most entertaining Pro Driver in NHRA?"

ARP Question of the Week: "Who is the most entertaining Pro Driver in NHRA?"


  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Steve Johnson would have been a good one on the list. Not sure I would have voted for him, but he's definitely more entertaining than some on there!

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    For me SPR. The only one left to do throttle whacks and STUDEZILLA. 🦖

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    It's Stevie Fast, with John Force second. And Stevie is humbled...

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited January 25

    1st Round Pro Mods on the line right now in Bradenton, Florida. Last free live stream on speed this weekend for their US Street National in t-shirt weather. Stevie Fast with quickest on Drag Radials at 3.546 at 213.33 and Lizzi Musi qualified #1 Pro Mod w 3.57.

  • gary scelzi

  • racer12306racer12306 Senior Member

    I'm surprised he was put in the mix, but he is without a doubt, the most entertaining current racer. He's loud, he's smart and he does what he says.

    He is John Force, if John Force had access to all of the media, social, etc stuff we have now when he first started.

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited January 26

    If John Force had access to all of the media, social, etc. we have now... He would have been ignored for years. Force didn't get a win for maybe a decade. Stevie Fast started in small tires without any media to speak of, yet he started winning almost immediately and made a name for himself in the small tire field quickly. As he moved up in small tire classes he continued to have success. It wasn't that long ago he was po-po'd in this forum for speaking overly confidently when he said he was coming to NHRA Pro Mod. Didn't take long to prove he's the real deal did it.

    Don't get me wrong, I've been a John Force fan since 1978. But while I wanted him to do well, I didn't really expect much from him until probably a year after Coil showed up in his pits. If I remember right, it was at least a decade before his first win. Oscar Meyer All Beef Baloney should have been his sponsor back then since he had to eat so much of it on the way up. (Course with free baloney, Oscar Meyer might have gone broke.)

    They are both fantastic ambassadors for drag racing.

  • Gen. DisarrayGen. Disarray Senior Member

    What John Force are you talking about ? The one from 15 years ago with Austin and Bernie , we all loved ? Or the current yelling , can’t understand what he’s talking about, all over the place crazy Uncle version ? It’s not entertaining, it’s cringe worthy.

  • V10KLZZ71SV10KLZZ71S Senior Member

    Any driver who dominates and then doesn't run his mouth, like Glidden. I don't look to drivers to be entertained, I despise the Force/Hight/Pritchitt antics, especially Lea's goofy attempt to be cool with her hat over her ears, bill up, phooey!!🤣

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited January 26

    The question was about “entertaining” and while I was a Mad Dog fan, if it was outside the start and finish line, he wasn’t entertaining (nor did HE need to be.).

    But for the continued longevity of drag racing, there does need to be “some” entertainers. If all we had were Introverted geniuses, it would become boring to most. Kind of why I don’t read medical journals for entertainment.

    Stevie “Fast” Jackson is fun to listen too and can back it up on the track.

    Today he won another final, but did it in a very entertaining way.. I think there were 22 cars and 5 rounds to win in Bradenton’s “Radial vs. The World” small tire (radial tire) class.

    He won the final round driving his car tuned by Billy Stocklin while racing Marcus Burt who got to the final round with a car tuned by... Stevie “Fast” Jackson.

    Yeah, he’s entertaining... on or off the track.

  • Gen. DisarrayGen. Disarray Senior Member

    Is Jackson a Pro Driver ? Is Pro Mod considered a Professional category now ?

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member
    edited January 27

    Is Jackson a Pro Driver ?

    It's what he does for a living. He picked up $26L today, which is a small purse compared to other's he's collected.

    It's Pro Mod considered a Professional category now ?

    Ask Ricky Smith.

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited January 27

    Denver & DI has held and paid a $100,000. to win Pro Mod race the last 2 years. If you add up all the other decent paying Pro Mod races like today’s $25,000. at Bradenton, plus add in the NHRA Pro Mod races, the total that can be won has to at least double if not triple the amount of cash a NHRA Pro Stock racer can win at all Pro Stock races of any kind during a year.

    NHRA Pro Stock record 6.45 @ 215.55. NHRA Pro Mod record 5.643 @ 261.22

    If you judge that a racer is professional by either the money available to win or how quick and/or fast they run, Pro Mod wins over both Pro Stock and Pro Stock Bike

    Stevie Fast raced in RvsW today driving a car on little radial tires. His new small tire record was at “only” 213 mph... in the 1/8th mile. Give it another year and the RvsW mph in the 1/8th will increase that 2 mph and be faster in the 1/8th than Pro Stock is in the 1/4 mile.

    Yeah, Pro Mod is a professional class either way you look at it and Stevie Fast is a Pro.

    No, I’m not Stevie Fast’s PR guy and I know he wouldn’t even remember we’ve met... at a Wednesday night test n tune long before he became a Pro. Nice guy then, seems to be now. Must have a great Mother.

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