looks like the NHRA lifestyle is hard on marriages...

looks like the NHRA lifestyle is hard on marriages...

spectator_guyspectator_guy Senior Member

noticed someone reverted back to their maiden name and changed addresses.... gotta to be tough to balance relationships and life on the road....

Maybe Courtney chose wisely after all.........


  • V10KLZZ71SV10KLZZ71S Senior Member

    Spill the beans......

  • racer12306racer12306 Senior Member

    I had to search the classes to see what he was talking about.

    Looks like it's Leah Pruett now.

    Both her and her husband were on the same road though.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    I posted her new FB page on here a while ago, but I cant post the link to a single post like we used to (wink wink).

  • Always had to think it had to be hard being on competing teams, especially with the rivalry Steve and Leah had several years ago.

  • Tim CharletTim Charlet Senior Member

    I'm curious - why is this ANYONE'S business??? I mean, is the news cycle that slow? Is drag racing a soap opera???

  • Gen. DisarrayGen. Disarray Senior Member

    Where’s TMZ in Motorsports ? Reporters are so afraid of getting kicked out of the inner circle , nothing gets reported unless it gets in the court system . Yes it’s Nobody’s Business but Stop selling all the feel good PR Bull$hit that gets crammed down our throats, than ignore the real story when it happens.

  • JeffinNYJeffinNY Senior Member

    "As the Drag Slick Turns".

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited February 1

    Its okay to flaunt half naked women around the sport but its not okay to talk about their married status? I don't see anything on this thread that was disrespectful. Just stating the truth .......... Drag racing IS hard on marriages.

  • WillyWilly Administrator


    There's been no speculation or rumor mongering about particulars.

    And... that now former couple made it a point to publicize their marriage, not to mention documenting their own lives over social media...

  • TwostepTwostep Senior Member

    Ease off the throttle a bit, Tim....nobody is showing disrespect or a soap-opera attitude towards Leah Pruitt. There's lots of guys on here and on other racing forums; when a high-profile and attractive competitor becomes 'eligible', they're gonna good-naturedly talk about it ("she can drive my car ANYTIME", etc). And I don't believe Leah would be offended if she were sitting right here.

  • TwostepTwostep Senior Member

    Yo, can someone check into the Quote function? I think it dropped a cylinder or two.

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    It's there, highlight the white quote box if you're on a desktop. On some mobile browser apps it appears as you would expect....

  • Tim CharletTim Charlet Senior Member
    edited February 2

    Yvonne and Willy - Was there ANYTHING in my post that suggested that this topic was A) out of line or B) outside of forum rules?

    I simply stated that I don't believe people's private lives were any of our business. I never said, "You can't post that here" nor did I compare it to "flaunting half-naked women around the sport". And for the record, I don't personally care for the half-naked women or men being flaunted - anywhere.

    Listen, y'all can do whatever you want - I just don't think peoples private life is any of our business - regardless of their celebrity status. Its just my opinion. I never said anything here was out of line, or outside forum rules.

    Have at it if you choose.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited February 2

    Tim, talking about the personal details of racers/celebrities has always been a tightrope walk. I don't particularly agree that we talk all about someone's personal health issues but that topic isn't off limits either. Ultimately, I come back to the fact that this is a sport and world full of humans and its pretty tough to take the humanity out of either. Especially, this sport. I also think it helps others relate to the fact that fame and money do not insulate a person from heartache, struggles or pain. Personally, I'm an intensely private person. You won't find pictures of my kids or other details on my FB page. But I have found that when we open up a little to others about our struggles we find support and friendship. That could be one reason why people announce their "life status". It can be a positive way to dispel the usually false beliefs that racers/stars have it "so much better" than the rest of us. Relating to others is how we connect. And most of us crave connection including even to our race car heroes. As long as questions are asked respectfully........

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