Torrence Racing explains Winternationals absence


  • ScottScott Senior Member

    So Torrance filed an appeal on November 29th and it wasn't resolved until the weekend of Pomona. According to mamma K NHRA set on it for the whole time.

    What does that say for the professionalism and integrity of the sanctioning body? NHRA is supposed to be a professional organization. The last few years that has been up for debate.

    I agree that NHRA should be called out for levying fines against racers and then show video of the actions for the fines.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Sheds a glaring light on the lack of communication between Glendora, its racers, and the media they produce to the global public.

    ALL parties involved had plenty of time to set the record straight. Then on top of it, they got approved, but it was too late to get everything together. Is Glendora still operating by letters and it perhaps fell on the floor and was put in the wrong filing cabinet?

  • Why didn't team Torrance issue that statement last week? They were able to issue a statement they were not attending, how come no reason why? Sorry, My opinion is Team Torrance was using leverage, not showing up with 1 or 2 cars plus not supporting Scott Palmer and Jeff Diehl, telling NHRA change your decision or I am not supporting NHRA.

    Steve is sorry, you are right, he should be forgiven after he does the penalty. And for someone that says, "All the glory to God" , do not think God was Happy That Day.

    I heard a good saying that we should all live by, Once you throw water on someones face, you can't take it Back.

  • Why didn"t Torrance say that was the reason last week? Sheds some light on Torrance racing, NO?

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    NHRA don't do appeals, The rulebook says they have an appeals process, but they don't do them. I've NEVER heard of them reversing a penalty.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    They can try to take their gripe about them using the clip to garner higher viwership, but the rulebook says there's a $250K fine for suing them It's called a "covenant not to sue". Sure they're filthy rich, but paying $250K to fight a $25k penalty and not having to attend classes he pbvioulsy needs seems ridiculous. Pluss NHRA doesn't have to renew his license even after paying the $250K. .

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    If I appealed a “my bad”, I doubt it would do me well to say anything about it in the media until all decisions were made.

    Ya don’t poke the bull when you want something from it and cowboys know that.

  • Tom SlickTom Slick Senior Member

    Who said anything about suing?

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    I did. My point was... their only option is to take NHRA's ruling or leave. My point was, they have no legal standing to argue about NHRA using the footage for "fanbait".

    Has anyone here ever heard of NHRA reversing a ruling in an appeal?

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited February 11

    I seem to remember NHRA doing it at Indy somewhere in the very late 70's or early 80's involving a sportsman class infraction. Possibly someone with a great drag racing library would know. Bret Kepner would know.

    They should have done it with Brent Fanning's cow poop drop at Denver. NHRA had no sense of humor at all and it was a crappy thing to have done to a very entertaining team. Just shows that it's ok to get physical with a competitor but don't go "San Fransisco" on the starting line at a track, that at the time, still used portable toliets.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    This soap opera is not over yet...

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member
    edited February 11


    I'd be shopping for a new job if I was on that team.

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    Yep. But at the same time NHRA hasn’t had a good villain since Hoffman was going after John Force.

    Momma Kay needs to buy both teams black cowboy hats n flack jackets.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited February 11

    ^ After Sunday's tv show, Glendora has definitely manufactured up one now.

    I googled 3: Tommy Ivo (55.2M results), Cameron (2.3m results), and Steve (1.3M results). 2 out of the 3 actually have a google profile (on the right of the 1st page result). You don't want to know the rest of the 1st page results, lol

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    “Too late” to be ready for the start of race season? Not buying that one AND if Steve really wanted to put this behind him and just race he should’ve quietly taken the slap on the wrist he got. Attempting to appeal says you don’t think you should’ve been punished at all.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    I'm thinking he never did the anger management.

  • TwostepTwostep Senior Member

    It would seem that this could have (and should have) been wrapped up a long time ago but even so, someone explain this to me.....there was nothing, NOTHING, preventing the Torrences from racing in Pomona, last-minute decision on NHRA's part or otherwise. Everyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the rules knows that while the appeal process is ongoing, teams are allowed to continue racing.

    CAPCO simply decided not to race Pomona for reasons we may never know - and it's really none of our business anyway. I have a theory but that's all it is; I have no inside information whatsoever so it's best for me to shaddup about it. Here's wishing for a full 16-car field in Phoenix and may the best team win.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    CAPCO simply decided not to race Pomona for reasons we may never know - and it's really none of our business anyway

    True. But I'd prefer they just say it's not our bidness than try to blow smoke up our....... .

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    It Steve Torrence were to have paid his fine and showed up at Pomona before NHRA handed down a verdict, he would be telling NHRA he accepted all penalties (including the anger management classes).

    With Momma Kay’s recent public comment about Cameron being an actor, it doesn’t look like they were open to caving on their appeal and that’s why they couldn’t race in Pomona.

    Looks like the ball may still be in NHRA’s court and they may still be waiting on an appeal decision. Have they said for sure if they will race in Phoenix?

    ...That’s my theory and when the subjects of the discussion have gone public themselves, they are giving me the right to step out and state it. Had any of the Torrence family asked for privacy, it would be different.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    And OMG if he would have gone through the nightmare of taking an anger management course in the unlikely event that NHRA decides to reverse their ruling on it. Oh the horror.

  • Cameron has well and truly put this behind him - and he was the one who got shoved in the face.

    Yeah...he must be 'acting'.

  • oldrodsruleoldrodsrule Senior Member

    I need more popcorn!

  • CAPCO Fight Club - All hat, no battle

  • spectator_guyspectator_guy Senior Member

    [quote] We didn’t want any unresolved issues going into the new season,[/quote]

    yet, strangely, they had no issues with testing at an NHRA track the week prior to the Winternationals....

    makes you go hmmmmmmm.......

  • V10KLZZ71SV10KLZZ71S Senior Member

    All of the loudest Torrence haters are unusually quiet after Arizona...……...🤣

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