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Corona virus and NHRA events



  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    For you potential Southern Nat's travelers:

    Georgia primary elections has been pushed to May...

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    Circuit of The Americas closing indefinitely, staff laid off

    "Certainly, given the gravity and the human toll of the coronavirus pandemic, motorsports has to be well down the list of priorities. But given what we do here at, racing is an important part of our lives—and of many of our readers’ lives. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst: There’s no question racing is being dealt a brutal blow, and whether it can appropriately rebound will be a mirror of all that’s going on around us."

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    Sweet 16 event postponed until October

    To be run the weekend prior to No Mercy 11. The two events are referred to as "Duck Week".....

  • z28camaroz28camaro Senior Member

    as of now Doug Kalitta is the 2020 Top Fuel Champ

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    30 days means they're hoping to get back to Houston.

    Deduct two weeks for things to get back to normal.

    By the end of March, Glendora should know if Houston is still a go or not.

  • Considering the CDC just said avoid groups of 50+ events until mid-May, I think Houston is extremely optimistic. I'm preparing for another two months at least until the season starts up again.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    I hope they look at "just" extending the end of the season by a month or so to fit all 24 events in.

  • WillyWilly Administrator
    edited March 2020

    Which would push it into mid-December. I doubt that will happen.

    I figure they'll try and fit postponed events into open weekends, which also depends on the schedule at individual tracks. Failing that, I now believe some of these races could be lost this season.

  • rebilasphotorebilasphoto Senior Member

    After Trumps speech today where he said it would be July-August before things might be back to normal (and thats IF we do a good job of staying away from each other). Oh and they also reduced recommended group gatherings from 50 to TEN! With that info its looking like Brainerd in August as BEST CASE scenario for us racing again... #buckleup #nottheflu

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    MLB pushed back opening season until mid-May.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member
    edited March 2020

    I finally got to the grocery store this morning and was amazed how stupid people are. Schools are closed but hey..... Let's take the kids to the supermarket! One 8 year old I saw couldn't take her hands off her face while mom said nothing about it! Then there were all the old timers.... like well into their 70's. I couldn't resist asking a few to please go home and have their stuff delivered to them or use the pick-up service!

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    NASCAR pushed back season until May.

  • Coronavirus will bankrupt nearly all the world's airlines in a matter of weeks, aviation experts say.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Kentucky Derby (first weekend in May) has been pushed to Sept.

  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    My buddy who flies for United said the same thing. He said 20 folks on a plane that holds 200 isn’t gonna make it

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    They're going to get bailed out. Cruise ship industry as well.

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited March 2020

    Cruise ship need a bailout!

    Now there's a headline...

    Makes me want to go... ah... drag racing!

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited March 2020

    Just heard on National news that the hotel industry is looking to be bailed out. A group that Disney is a part of.

    So far, it is costing U.S. hotels $1.4 billion a week.

    Marriot alone is about to lay off approx. 10,000.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Who's going yo bail out the US gobernment once they bail out every industry and send $1,000 checks out to everyone with a pulse?

  • We are not allowed to talk about that on here.....

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    “C-19 and NHRA events” our topic? ... OK.

    I really like BB’s VHRA, but how about taking it to another level.

    Contact 8 well known drag racers at a time, picked by Comp+ from all well know drag race series and have them compete in a “Reaction Time” only race.

    Call it “ROAR” which stands for:

    “Reactions Only Association of Racers”. (Yeah, I know... that’s pushing it.)


    1. Racer must be video FaceTimed by Comp+ while first telling us something most people don’t know about them for at least 60 seconds ...with a maximum of 120 seconds (The John Force Rule. 😉)
    2. Within 7 seconds of finishing their talk, the racer gets one (1) shot at their practice tree.
    3. That one reaction time is their “pass” to be used in determining if they win or lose.
    4. Pass must be declared by the racer as their “official pass” before its made and while being “FaceTimed” on the phone by BB or his designee. (No replacement or substitute reaction time allowed).
    5. No extra hits at the tree after declaring the official pass and their 60-120 second talk starts.
    6. Penalty of .50 seconds added if at any time during their video, a participant mentions any sponsor’s name, a product of their current sponsor OR even a product that COULD become a sponsor for them. (The John Force Rule #2) .. Yeah... Force will be out first round. 🙄

    Added Challenge:

    Reaction time pass must be made with the racer belted in their race car while loud engine noises are played, the car is being shook and a smoke machine pumping smoke in the car.

    Potential ROAR sponsors:

    Port A Tree,

    SlimFast (Too many weeks at home and some of these guys won’t fit between the bars.)

    Winston “The smoke is back!“ (OK... I’ve been at home too long.)

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Kansas (Topeka) has closed schools for the rest of the academic year.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited March 2020

    "SlimFast (Too many weeks at home and some of these guys won’t fit between the bars.)" LOL

    Hang in there everybody! Its bumpy but we're get through it. Reach out and stay connected! Traffic on the forum will be good for everyone. :)

    Now somebody say Ford sucks and let's get the juices flowing. We need to put somebody on posting probation to keep y'all just a little bit ornery..... bwahahahahahha!

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Men and women's professional tennis is postponed until June.

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member
    edited March 2020

    They can’t meet in groups of two either! Nuts.

    Only in tennis does “doubles” mean “4”.

    Double”S” should/could mean any even number.

    Call it Two Pairs maybe?

    Probably should ask Bruton Smith.

    How many more days of this?

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    HAHAHAHA Awwwww, we love all Fords and Mopars here too. :D

    #chevyrules wink wink

    Have a great day everybody!

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    The State Department is expected raise its travel advisory worldwide to Level 4: Do Not Travel -- the highest level.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited March 2020

    Today, Monaco canceled its showcase Formula One Grand Prix, the sport's most famous and glamorous race.

    Formula One earlier said the May 24 race was postponed, along with Dutch and Spanish races scheduled for the same month.

    Formula One's 2021 technical changes have also been put on hold.

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