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Corona virus and NHRA events



  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member
    edited April 2020

    I'm not overly confident that NHRA will be back for the Gators.

    The 2 doctors that are on the stage with Trump make it sound like it is going to be awhile before large groups will be back.

    Keep in mind, all the big sports leagues are talking about coming back without fans. I live in Phoenix and have been listening to the guys talking about the possible MLB season in Arizona. No fans, player stuck in a hotel, player can't sit in the dugout, and have to sit in the stands.

    How will NHRA work under these conditions? NHRA is a ticket based money making operation. Football does not need fans to make money. Same with the MLB and NBA. NHL need paying fans.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    After listening to the local Phoenix radio guys on AZ hosting the baseball season and the 2 doctors, I am less confidant that any major social gatherings will occur until September.

    The logistics is insane. What do you do with the bus driver, the hotel workers, the grounds keepers, were big local and national questions. Do they have to be quarantined for 4 months too?

    I would mentally prepare not to see any racing until Indy.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Saw this morning's national news and the Gov. of California said that he doesn't expect any mass gatherings in his state until 2021.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    not looking good.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    PGA to open June 8-14 in Ft. Worth Texas with no fans for the first 4 events:

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    I think NHEA needs to give a no-fan event a try, the Gators NOT being one of them.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited April 2020

    NASCAR has contacted North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper regarding permission to reopen team shops to begin the process of restarting the 2020 season within the next month, according to Jeff Gluck and Jordan Bianchi of The Athletic. Cooper's executive order implementing social distancing practices amid the coronavirus pandemic granted "essential business" exemptions to North Carolina's "auto repair" industry and "related facilities," according to Gluck and Bianchi.

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who granted WWE the "essential business" exemption earlier this week, has expressed his desire for Florida to host NASCAR races "without having large crowds."

    Daytona seems like a logical venue for potential races in Florida, but a source told Gluck and Bianchi that NASCAR's preference is to resume the season at an intermediate track because cars had been built for Atlanta and Homestead-Miami at the time of the shutdown.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    MLB refined the start of the season to St. Petersburg (Florida), Phoenix (Arizona), and Arlington (Texas)

    NBA still wants to complete the season (currently in playoffs) and is mulling the idea of starting next season in Dec.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    I saw NY Governor press conferense today and the question of "when we can go to Yankee Stadium again" came up.

    Basically he said that it's going to be a question of how and not when.  Some sports are different. Is some business (playing with no spectators) better than no business? How much $$$ does your sport rely on filling a seat vs not filling it. Can TV revenue be enough to start back.

    Glendora needs to think of running the June events without spectators since TV time is booked and an audience will be watching and general audience will be hungry for live sports and an opportunity to lure new fans with the possible ratings spike.

    With live sports flowing through our building at work again, it would bring back our live sports operators (not to mention the TV production/studio crews) and finally get this revenue engine starting.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited April 2020

    USA Today reports MLB mulling the idea of starting the season in late June.

    Three divisions (East, Central, West) instead of two, to decrease the amount of travel.

    At least 100 games, some to happen in home stadiums.

    No spectators at first and then ease restrictions as conditions improve.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited April 2020

    NHRA plans to return to racing with fans in the stands, access to pits

    By Jerry Bonkowski April 29. 2020, 3:55 PM EDT

    While NASCAR prepares to host races without fans due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the president of the National Hot Rod Associatn on vows to resume drag racing in early June with fans in the stands and pits.

    “Our goal is to go back racing with fans,” NHRA president Glen Cromwell said in an exclusive interview with NBC Sports. “We are the most fan-friendly (sport). I think that’s what separates our sport from everybody else, the accessibility and interaction that our sport has. I just don’t see it (racing) happening without fans.

    “If there was a model that worked for us and do it without fans, we would of course explore it, but right now we’re putting 100 percent of our efforts behind racing with fans, as soon as we can.”

    NASCAR is able to sustain off TV rights revenue it gets from NBC and Fox. Conversely, the NHRA doesn’t have that type of revenue stream and the operational costs of revenue-driven events without paying fans would be too financially prohibitive. Which leads to a conundrum of sorts, given that NHRA is arguably the most liberal major professional sport when it comes to allowing fans unfettered access.

    NHRA is expected to offer an update on its plans on May 4, but for now, Cromwell said the sanctioning body is continuing to move forward on its intention to return to racing.

    Full article:

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    GA Governor lifted the stay-at-home order effective midnight tonight.

    Come on over Glendora, we're open in your sponsor's home town this weekend!

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    NASCAR is racing in May. Some tracks have test sessions going on now and are holding bracket races too. Several tracks will be open officially by next weekend I'm hearing. They are talking about distancing etc sanctions in place but racing IS going to happen. Yay!!!

    Hope to see small businesses getting opened back up! We need these people!

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member
    edited April 2020

    Stevie Fast ran his RvW car in a private teet session at Caroline Dragway at least a week ago. He ran 3.56 and the fastest RvW run ever, 3.539.

    I will not paste my proposed schedule again, but NHRA needs to adjust the re start of the season to the 1st weekend of August.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    From Houston Raceway Park:


    By now you should be aware of Governor Abbott's Open Texas announcement, and we are eager to reopen Houston Raceway Park. In concert with and conformity to the Governor’s Phase 1 plan, we will be reopening tomorrow, Friday, May 1st, for Legal Street Racing.

    While we are extremely excited to welcome back our racers and guests to the raceway, please be aware that we are implementing a series of rules and regulations for all staff, participants, crew members, and spectators to follow. These are in accordance with the Governor’s Phase 1 plan, adhere to the CDC guidelines for social distancing, and to protect the health and safety of everyone attending the park.

    · The use of a mask or face covering will be mandatory for all HRP event staff.

    · Participants, crew members, & spectators are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask or covering , but it is not mandatory

    · When arriving to the Park we ask encourage guest the use of card payment (credit/debit) for entry to minimize cash transactions.

    · The Race Control Tower will be restricted-access only and limited to essential staff. Front Computer/Back Computer/Race Steward/Announcer/Safety & Tech Directors)

    · Time slip workers may wear masks and gloves for the distribution of time slips.

    · We will utilize odd-numbered staging lanes – with even-numbered lanes designated as social distance zones to provide adequate access between vehicles.

    · All of our restrooms are equipped with permanent hand sanitizing dispensers and are stocked throughout the facility. Restrooms will be sanitized at the start, during and end of each night of racing.

    · Concession stands will follow all guidelines in place for local food service businesses. We will be open with a limited menu of prepackaged food items and beverages. Condiments will be provided in packets versus self-serve stations

    · Staging Lanes/Front of Tower: This is our main congregating area for crewmembers and spectators and gathering in this area will be strictly prohibited. Our security staff, starting line crew and ambulance staff will closely monitor this area to prevent unauthorized gathering. Spectators will be asked to view the on track action from the grandstands.

    We look forward to seeing you at the track soon!

    Houston Raceway Park

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    EAA AIRventure 2020 is cancelled....

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited May 2020

    Video of the first warmup of season 2.0 from Allan Middendorf Racing:

    1st warmup of the 2020 season for the American Outlaw Funny Car. #nitrokillscorona

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    New procedures for drivers, teams in return to racing

    NBC Sports - Dustin Long 45 mins ago

    No spectators. Drivers isolated from their teams. And a near-empty Victory Lane. NASCAR’s return Sunday at Darlington Raceway (3:30 p.m. ET on FOX) will be unlike anything the sport has experienced.

  • RacerRoyRacerRoy Senior Member

    Tulsa raceway park just held a very successful THROWDOWN in T-TOWN. They had a great show....

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited May 2020

    Washington tracks received a variance from the Governor finally and will reopen for participant only events immediately. Oregon as well. :) Boise and Mission BC are open for testing as well.

  • Hi,

    The virus that causes COVID-19 is mainly transmitted through droplets generated when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or exhales. These droplets are too heavy to hang in the air, and quickly fall on floors or surfaces.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Texas Motor Speedway president Eddie Gossage liked what he saw when NASCAR returned to the airwaves on Sunday. He expects a similar showing when IndyCar starts its season at TMS next month.

    NASCAR provided a sneak peak into what fans can expect. Depending on perspective, the made-for-TV event did well. It drew 6.32 million viewers on Fox, the most watched non-Daytona 500 NASCAR race since 2017. However, some felt there would be an even bigger ratings spike.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    I still think NHRA should have given a no-spectator event a try. If they could have talked a state and local municipality into it a month or few weeks ago while more people were more stuck ar home. they had great potential to exposure to more viewers than ever.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Testing was pretty cool this year. Don't see why they couldn't have done at least one or two events. Even though they probably would have had some sweet TV time slots, they still have to pay to be on TV which probably trumps everything.

    I noticed on FB that teams are opening up. That's 73 days before racing even begins.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member
    edited May 2020

    You'd think FOX would work with them on the cost for a one time experimental deal. Them and NHRA would both had an interest in exposing the sport to more viewers.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    This weekends quarantined NASCAR results:

    Fox’s NASCAR Race Tops Sunday Ratings; ‘Little Big Shots’ Season Finale Dips

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Rumour has it, Bader''s not to reopening this season.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    BB on CP interview Apr. 2

    "Why hasn't Summit Motorsports Park canceled the year? That is the extreme opposition. And I guess what does drag racing look like? All of these race tracks that, I mean in the case of Baders, in the case of the Bandimeres, in the case of a lot of the family-owned racetracks, Firebird, the New Family, what do we all do? I mean, we're out of business. Don't kid yourself. There are tracks right now and we're one of them that if we can't race this year and we've got sponsor commitments and we've got all of these obligations, if we can't meet those obligations, some of those tracks will close and never reopen."

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Bader's not "out of business". It's not in the interests of his bankers (if he really has any debt), his sponsors, the county (real estate tax) ir anyone else to close him down. IF he really shuts down for the rest of the season,- he WILL reopen in '21.

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