Lucas Oil NHRA Summernationals July 18-19 Indy Thread

Lucas Oil NHRA Summernationals July 18-19 Indy Thread

Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

I'm going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooooo! Finally getting to see sacred ground for myself! Anyone else going? Too bad we don't have CompPlus t-shirts to recognize each other. If you want to say hi I'll be the blonde wearing an AC/DC or Journey shirt. LOL

Weather looks.... hot!

Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro Mod, TF Harley!! I will have died and gone to heaven! :)


  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Take some pics!

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member
    edited July 16

    I'll be there. Not sure what I'll be wearing but I'll be on a brushed aluminum full suspension mtn. bike when not in the stands.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited July 16

    Thanks guys! I'll be taking lots of pictures!

    Hemi, I'll keep an eye out. Would love to meet up and chat in person! :) Sent you a PM.

    P.S. I hope the food vendors are open too...

  • Tim CharletTim Charlet Senior Member

    Make sure to stop by to meet Joe Morrison - he is making his debut with the Leverich Racing Top Fuel team this weekend.

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Partly cloudy and around 95° for the weekend

    DSR showing up and spending money with new red chrome wraps

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Food vendors are on site. But get this.... I asked the lady the BBQ stand if I could have the $9.00 sandwich that comes with a bag of chips... without the bun or the chips because I'm diabetic. She replies - "Yeah, but that's $10.00."

  • de31168de31168 Senior Member

    First nhra event in a year for me! Cant wait to see the pro mods.

  • kb301kb301 Senior Member

    I am in Indy this weekend for my kid's baseball tournament, I bought a ticket for both days just in case I can sneak away. I am hoping I can get to the track at some point this weekend.

  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    Janis for the win, Good Buffalo Guy who kicks ass

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Looks like points leader Kalitta on the same side of the ladder as the Capco's

  • ScottScott Senior Member

    I was down there today, typical Indiana summer day, hot and humid. Wish I checked this thread before today, so I could have said hi in person to fellow friends on here. I'll try to post some photos in a couple of days after I to through them.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    Hey guys!

    Having a blast! I can’t find Hemi though. Text me!

    Got some inside scoops too! Report coming!

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Looks like Doug going to maintain a healthy points lead for the next couple weeks...

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    From Zizzo's FB page just now:

    We called it! Going to our first NHRA Top Fuel final! The Rust-Oleum Rocket is ready! 

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member
    edited July 20

    Sorry, I left your number at home! I realized it after being on the road for a few hours. I don't have the C+ app on my new phone yet and I don't know my password. I also didn't have the email that I'm registered to C+ on my phone either. I spent about an hour getting it set up because I don't know that password by heart too. So once I got that taken care of I went to the C+ site and clicked on the "forgot password" thing and entered the email address.... but apparently it's not a fully automated deal because it still has yet to have shown up. I also sent an email to the address listed on the site explaining my situation, but never got a reply. I'm SO bummed I wasn't able to meet you. I looked high and low for a Journey or AC/DC shirt though!


  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Yup. And it looks like Leah and Steve swapped places... from from 4th to 2nd and vice versa for the punk from Texas. The punk's dad remains 3rd.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    What happens if they cancel the season? Will this race be scrubbed from the history books?

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    Looks like the rain kept Brittany in the top 10 for a few more weeks.

    Was #2 going in to Indy 1/4

    Dropped to #5 going in to Indy 2/4

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    Dang it! That's happened to me before, forgotten password and its harder to do things on your phone than at home on the computer. No worries, we'll get another chance to meet up!

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    Some really awesome racing this weekend! Lots of good side by sides and teams were showing good performances. Many of the CC's were making outstanding calls and the performance was there. Some rust on the a few drivers which is to be expected when you sit for so long. Overall, I was really impressed with how they were reading conditions and track prep. Everybody was really excited to be there! I thought the mood was good and people were happy to have some normalcy back.

    I talked to a few in the know and NHRA definitely wants to keep going with races and will have more at Indy if necessary. I think the rumor floating around that NHRA was going to cancel the rest of the season is total bunk. They want to hold races and there is some sponsor money coming in. I think its probably race by race but its there. The state of Indiana is focused on getting the Indy 500 event off too from what I'm told though likely at half capacity then usual.

    As far as the facility, I'd heard a lot of complaints about it in the past so I wasn't sure what I'd see. Honestly, the actual track, tower, stands and signage/arch is beautiful. You people need to see what the rest of the country has for facilities because I don't think you appreciate what's at Indy. LOL I didn't go over to the other side grassy area but I do get that if it rains, the ground can get pretty soaked and would definitely be problematic yes. Its farm land so its gonna be soft for sure. Every staff person and vendor I spoke with was really friendly and happy to see the fans. It was very welcoming and I gotta tell ya when I first when in and up by the starting line fence the hair on the back of my neck was standing straight up!! To think of the history and legends who've raced there was a phenomenal feeling. To see every single person stand for the National Anthem was soul stirring and confirmed what I already have felt through all of this. ..... WE MUST BE ALLOWED TO LIVE OUR LIVES FULLY. We cannot hide from any threat to our way of life. People need people. Racers need fans and fans need racers.

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