2021 Vegas 4-wide

2021 Vegas 4-wide

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I know this discussion is a little early for a race a month out, but I'm excited for the race.

As gainesfan said in another blog, ticket details should be sent out soon. If the LVMS plan to the state overlords is solid, they should have 50% capacity.

From the below schedule, alcohol will be 4 wide as they only have 3 rounds of eliminations. I think this race last year was going to be the first time they went 4-wide.

Way to early forecast: Friday 80, Saturday 86, Sunday 87, with sun each day.


FRIDAY - April 16, 2021

Sportsman Qualifying 8:00 AM

Midway Open/Suggested Time of Arrival 9:15 AM

Competition Qualifying Sessions 11:00 AM / 5:30 PM

Top Alcohol Qualifying Session 2:45 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying Session 3:30 PM

Nitro Qualifying Session 4:15 PM

Jet Dragster Exhibition 5:00 PM

Sportsman Qualifying 5:15 PM

Top Alcohol Qualifying Session 6:30 PM

Secure Track 7:00 PM

SATURDAY - April 17, 2021

Sportsman Eliminations 8:00 AM

Midway Open/Suggested Time of Arrival 9:15 AM

Top Alcohol Qualifying Session 12:15 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying Session 1:00 PM

Nitro Qualifying Session 1:45 PM

Top Alcohol Qualifying Session 2:45 PM

Pro Stock Qualifying Session 3:30 PM

Nitro Qualifying Session 4:15 PM

Jet Dragster Exhibition 5:00 PM

Sportsman Eliminations 6:15 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations - Round 1 6:30 PM

Sportsman Eliminations 7:00 PM

Secure Track 8:00 PM

SUNDAY - April 18, 2021

Sportsman Eliminations 9:30 AM

Midway Open/Suggested Time of Arrival 10:00 AM

Nitro Eliminations - Round 1 12:00 PM

Pro Stock Eliminations - Round 1 12:45 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations - Round 2 1:15 PM

Sportsman Eliminations - Semi-Finals 1:30 PM

Nitro Eliminations - Round 2 2:00 PM

Pro Stock Eliminations - Round 2 2:15 PM

Sportsman Eliminations - Finals 2:30 PM

Top Alcohol Eliminations - Finals 2:45 PM

Jr Dragster Exhibition 3:00 PM

Pro Stock Eliminations - Finals 3:30 PM

Nitro Eliminations - Finals 3:45 PM

Secure Event 4:00 PM


  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    Excited too! Should be 50%.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member
    edited March 27

    Apparently only 20% capacity at this time from a comment on another forum. A track salesperson said that they hope by the race time the capacity number will increase. Tickets going fast or so says the LVMS app notification. The track will send an email when tickets have been released and instructions for the app. I hope the tickets just appear in the ticket section of the app like they did for the finals last year.

    Alcohol dragsters will be interesting with different power adders staging.

    Still too early forecast: Friday 81, Saturday 82, Sunday 80, and sun.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    The track sent an email that they are still working on the seating chart to release the tickets.

    Weekend and single day reserved tickets are sold out at this time. Looks like GA is still available.

    2 weeks and 2 days until the mustang is driving through the desert to Vegas.

  • My tickets downloaded this afternoon. Same seats I usually have.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    I heard Vegas restaurants and hotels have jacked their prices WAY UP! Prepare your wallets.

  • It's an April Fools joke. Scroll to the bottom of the article.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    I received my tickets yesterday and they are the same.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    I think the April fools joke would have been better if it was the Snake driving a Army Force car versus Kenny driving a Bud King Shoe car. You pick if it would have been TF or FC.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    That's funny! :D

  • z28camaroz28camaro Senior Member

    they can race golf carts

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    I'm hearing the event is sold out! Albeit less available seating but still a good thing. :)

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    The event is sold out except the big dollar tickets. At least that is what the last app notification I received said.

    Thankfully, the race is not this weekend on it's historical weekend, as the weather is going to be brutal. Highs in the 90s. We may flirt with 100 in Phoenix this weekend.

    I will post the much anticipated 2 week out forecast tomorrow.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    2 weeks out forecast: Friday 80, Saturday 78, Sunday 80, and sun each day. Hopefully, the trend will continue and the temps will lower, instead going higher.

    2 weeks out and not one full field yet from alcohol to Nitro, with TAFC looking very week number wise, but not car quality.

  • No Scrappers Racing in Vegas? Mike and daughters are not entered yet nor Jim Underdahl who is part of their bike team. Couldn't find anything on their website or Facebook. Interesting to see Del entered in a TF Dragster.

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    I was going to wait until tomorrow for my last update.

    Jonnie is driving Rupert's FC, the Surfer is back, Brandon Snider is driving TAFC with J&A as a sponsor (not sure if it's just Annie's Car).

    Over or under 10 TF making a hit on Friday?

    Over or under 14 FC making a hit on Friday?

    Will TAD staging be crazy?

    Friday 79, Saturday 80, Sunday 82, with sun each day.

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