Silly Season

Silly Season

The broadcast team made some remarks about crew and drivers making moves in the off season. This is Brian Lohnes's tweet today...

Well THAT was a good weekend. Made a couple general remarks on the @NHRA show about what will be the most insane silly season anyone can remember. Pretty sure the news will start dropping in the next two weeks. Size and scope of things to come are both mental. #buckleup #newstuff

Comments talk about Matt and Ron on the move🤔



  • Racn1320Racn1320 Senior Member

    Id day aj def going to kalitta,if matt and ron are on the move will dsr evenhave any cars left lol

  • I'd be shocked if Matt and Ron left. DSR would be left with Leah and she isnt even a sure thing with her husband interested in starting a team. Monday Morning Racer said professional drag racing will look completely different.

  • FootbrakeFootbrake Senior Member

    Just a wild a$$ guess that Don Shoe may sell those teams?

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Hagan and Capps wouldn't leave on their own accord. That is unless..... Hagan starts his own team, and I'm sure he could afford too. Capps on the other hand... I'm pretty sure he lives on his driver salary. And if I understand the NAPA/Schumacher deal correctly.... it's not really a traditional sponsorship deal. The way I understand it is that it's sweeten the pot kind of deal that Don throws in to get Schumacher battery chargera sold in their stores. If that's true, it's doubtful they'd follow Capps anywhere.

    But who knows?

  • I highly doubt that Capps and Hagen leave. I just thought I would share what some people are saying.

  • kb301kb301 Senior Member

    Tony Stewart buying out DSR and Don rides off into the sunset?

  • Don wants only one thing.. sell more battery chargers. period.

  • I'll throw some guesses out there:

    1) We know that Antron is breaking away to form his own team - he's made some comments to the effect of having more than 1 car under the banner. Who will be the other driver/s?

    2) Leah and Tony Stewart are breaking away to form their own deal.

    3) Tony Schumacher's return?

    4) Austin Prock's return.

    5) John Force announces 2022 will be his final year of racing, before switching to team owner.

    6) Camping World significantly ups their commitment to NHRA.

  • Dont forget a nascar team starting a pro stock team.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Dont forget a nascar team starting a pro stock team.


    or more likely... buying one.

  • Did anyone notice during the Carolina race, the dirt track driver that was there was ask if he would drive a Top Fuel Car? He replied no but I would ride in one, he said it twice. None of the anouncers said, well there is a 2 seat Top Fuel car out there......

  • There was an interview with Larry Dixon where he talked about wanting to return to NHRA sooner than later. I believe it was done last year.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited September 28

    I can't help thinking the two seater is a bit of a waste of time. He'd really do well to focus on getting his own deal together. He could start in a different class. He could go to Australia. Heck he could even race FC Chaos.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    None of the anouncers said, well there is a 2 seat Top Fuel car out there.....

    None of the anouncers said, well there is a 2 seat Top Fuel car out there.....

    Maybe because they wanted to keep their jobs.

  • The 2 seater is a money making machine for Dixon. People with deep pockets love that kind of thing. Regular drag racers not so much. I can make a lot of laps for $10K. Look how much people paid to go sub orbit with Bezos and Branson. Never know, maybe one of Dixons passengers puts up some money, never know

  • The two seater is not a waste of time, watch 2 videos on youtube, Would you ride in a Top Fuel Dragster? and Take a Ride in a Top Fuel dragster. Does the look on my face after 2 rides show a waste of time???

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited September 29

    To clarify: What I meant was a possible time distraction for Dixon. He has stated many times his desire to get back into competition. Its easy to get sidetracked from your original goals if you're not careful. Maybe those have changed for him but I don't think so. I feel he's one of the all time great drivers and that his time in the seat competitively should continue if possible. From a fan standpoint, the two seater is a great opportunity to experience nitro.

    To answer your question I would drive a TF car, not ride in one. I have my own nitro plans. wink;)

  • Paul SongasPaul Songas Senior Member

    Waste of time? He's getting a guarantee of $10,000 per 1/8 mile. Getting paid 10K/pass sounds better to me than going to Australia?

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    $10,000 after expenses? I find that hard to believe. I thought the ride was $4K per person?

  • Austin Prock is testing at Dallas. IN A FUNNY CAR. Maybe there is something there.

  • spectator_guyspectator_guy Senior Member

    Was he driving Robert's car? Just wondering, as that car needs to be sorted out... opens up a lot of “maybe” and “what if” questions......or maybe he just keeping his FC licence current.....

  • He was testing John's car. More than likely he was just doing that... testing to get the car.

  • Also Chad Green's son Hunter was making runs in Tim Wilkerson's dragster. Looked like good A to B runs.

  • Tim CharletTim Charlet Senior Member

    So - just cause I'm curious - when did NHRA lift the "NO TESTING AT THE SAME TRACK HOSTING A NATIONAL EVENT THE SAME WEEK" rule?

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Was wondering that too, but they do it ant Indy every year too.

  • They had a specific, scheduled, sanctioned testing session on Wednesday as part of the "Stampede of Speed" week. I assume it was just another way for them to run nitro cars during the week to try to draw in more fans.

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