Anderson Seals The Deal With 98 Pro Stock Wins

Anderson Seals The Deal With 98 Pro Stock Wins


  • FootbrakeFootbrake Senior Member

    I was wondering why no one has commented here on this.

    So I will start... 😀

    That is such a great accomplishment. Congrats to Greg and KB racing.

    I certainly respect what you have and continue to do!!!

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    Agree, a huge accomplishment for anyone! High respect for longevity in this sport and like him or not you gotta respect the work behind this accomplishment.

  • Wonder why the Professor has not commented..

  • FootbrakeFootbrake Senior Member

    He may have called or texted Greg, he does not strike me as a person who needs or wants social media likes...

  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member
    edited October 13

    A lot of current drivers/teams are not on social media. They have their PR dept. post on them and drivers never like or reply to anything.

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator
    edited October 13

    Then there are the drivers that you wonder if they do anything else BUT be on social media. LOL Capps literally floods Instagram all day every day. I think there's a happy medium but from a marketing standpoint I'm not sure where that is. From a fan standpoint it can be a bit much the other direction.

  • FootbrakeFootbrake Senior Member

    I get most of my racing news here.

    I have heard about this thing called Facebook. Maybe have to check it out sometime... 😉

  • oddyhahnoddyhahn Senior Member

    What I liked about Greg Anderson is that he wasnt a hired gun. He actually works on the car.

  • That is kind of a trademark for the guys using KB power: Greg, Jason, Kramer, Hartford, Glenn all work on their cars. Bo was the exception and I think Kyle might be as well.

  • DynoGrumpDynoGrump Senior Member

    Mr. Poole I've been noticing Greg's interviews since He's won his 98th, and I have yet hear him not thank Johnson for his contribution to his career. You know as well as i do Warren is not the Gushy boisterous type ( i rarely seen him get overly excited even when Kurt would win) so i'd be surprised if he's reached out to Anderson also . Not sure if your disdain for Greg remains ( i'm guessing at this point you dont care enough). One thing i think WJ shoulda done, toward the latter part of his career is what Greg is doing today and that is leasing his technology. WJ has always been concerned with cost and back in the day, i read that prostock engines were renting for over 50k a weekend. can u imagine if he had a couple of rental customers back then. He'd probably amassed enough cash, that he'd still be racing today

  • WJ is one of the last real pro stock drivers...he made $$ the old fashioned way..he worked and earned it...he has no need to be part of a 2021 circus event.

  • WillyWilly Administrator
    edited October 16

    Multiple user accounts are not permitted here, skipper/hotrod/grocery/62 vette.

    Pick one, or I'll pick it for you.

  • Not trying to use multiple.. several new computers .lets just stay with skipper if OK with you..thanks

  • A PooleA Poole Senior Member
    edited October 17

    I'm not sure if the Johnson's have reached out to GA but if I was guessing I would say no. My dislike of GA goes back to two times. Once was hiring the crewguy who took WJ's log book with him and the other when he bashed the whole P/S field when he made the statement "that if I was getting beat like these guys are I'd be testing the wheels off my car"., a bit arrogant I'd say. As far as WJ leasing engines so he can race would work because of the size of his operation. You can't do it all,build engines,keep up two cars,pay the bills etc. It's laughable that GA is building engines so he can race. What does he do with the loot he gets from Hendicks/Summit & others? buy bread? I'll leave you with this,if you think GA breaking the P/S win record bothered me one bit,think again. Please,it's not Mr. Poole,I'm just plain ole Poole. LOL

  • DynoGrumpDynoGrump Senior Member

    granted, maybe Johnson didn't have the manpower to support a leasing operation, but i'm sure, between himself and Kurts cars, he traveled with a few spares, in the truck and at over 50K a weekend of guaranteed money, in rental fees, it has to be tempting. by the way, I think when Anderson made that statement, about the field needing to test, he won 15 races that year and in my book, one is permitted to 'talk smack' when u can back it up :-)

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