in the works: scratch 1/8 TAD

in the works: scratch 1/8 TAD

comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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here's a project i'm currently working on for a life long friend of mine. he owns a race car shop and has put up with my racing habit for many years. this car is a thankyou to him for not killing me over the years.

the car is a top alcohol dragster based on a 292" wheelbase chassis. the PSI screwblown BAE hemi backed up w/ a B&J 3 spd. and a strange 9" top loader. american racing wheels on the rear and gibson wheels on the front.

while not yet completed, i thought you might enjoy lookig at is as a W.I.P..
please keep in mind that except for the center section of the rear, the block (which is still highly modified) and the blower belt. this is entirely scracth built.
here is the engine and trans:
more to come.


  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    here is the chassis:
    frt. wheels:
    rr. wheels:
    toploader rear:
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    head protector and seat. this is hand formed .020" alum. that has been tig welded and ground down.:
    rr. brakes:
    hand formed alum. body:

    hope you enjoy!!
  • ratonabikeratonabike Senior Member
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    omg... that is just incredible.... i don't know what to say, i can't believe any of this,.... it has to all be fake, total photoshop special effects... no way this is real... this must be some sort of alien conspiracy or something!!... lol...

    the detail on this rivals anything the full size actual real-life parts are, and even more incredible due to their tiny size...

    love the carbon discs... and how the Trick Ti can, seems to have the same color as the real part.. and the fuel fittings and filter and everything else... crazy

    major props!!!! incredible craftsmanship... for an alien.... :D
  • edited January 2011
    Rat you pretty much summed it up. I have never seen this much detail from a scratch built model. This is incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail indeed.
    Comp1839 have you ever considered getting into the chassis building business? Just looking at the build of your 1/8 scale alky dragster you seem to have the engineering know how to build an actual dragster chassis. Of course there is more engineering detail when it comes to building the real thing but my guess is all you would be doing is building a larger version of your 1/8 scale model. It seems you have the engineering design down to a science.
  • anotheridiotanotheridiot Senior Member
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    I wish I had that patience. Great work. You guys are so precise while I weld and hammer old camaros and build playtops out of 1/2 pvc for my cockatoo.

    I just laugh at the ricky bobby style product shots from your sponsors dewalt and maxwell house lol.
  • TwostepTwostep Senior Member
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    build playtops out of 1/2 pvc for my cockatoo.

    Now I understand your username. :D

    My X had one of those things for years and the day it flew out her apartment door, never to be seen again, she threw a party that was talked about for weeks. I offered to buy her a cat early-on, but...:(

    The Strange discs, calipers and all the various little decals like 'trick titanium' is what impressed me. That model (maybe I should call it something more respectable?) really is no different from the real thing. Your friend will be well pleased and honored. I know I would.
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    i would like to thank you guys for the great comments. it's certainly nice to know your thoughts on the TAD dragster. i will keep you posted as the work progresses.
  • WillyWilly Administrator
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    Fantastic work Dave. Your creations are right up there with the likes of Gerald quality.

    Questions....You mentioned that you didn't scratch build the Strange Toploader...Did you have someone cast it up for you?

    About the blower belt.....Where did you source that from, and do they have belts and drives in 1/24th scale?

    I've been checking out your Camaro 10.5 on your Photobucket page....did the body come from the now out of production 1/8th Monogram Z/28?
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    thanks willy.

    the first toploader i did in a product called renshape(it's in the aa/fa) the one that is in the dragster, i sent my prints to a company called TDR. they did a 3D rendering and produced a rapid prototype. it is now available on there website. i only used the center section. the mounting plates, pinion support, side bells, floater hubs and brakes are all hand machined from aluminum.

    the blower belt is an actual timing belt i buy from a company called stock drive products. they're an industrial supplier. i believe the narrowest belt they supply is 1/4" which would be good for a 1/12 scale car. i do not believe they have anything small enough for 1/25. but 'em you never know.

    the body for the camaro is the monogram 1:8 scale 1982 z-28. i'll post the camaro later today if you'd like.
  • Rajunz1Rajunz1 Junior Member
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    That is an incredible work of art, such a great craftsman.
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    i've had some time to start assembling the TAD model. here are some shots:





    hope you enjoy!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    few more.



    hope you enjoy!
  • antdogbmxantdogbmx Senior Member
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    oh my god that is awesome
  • RacerRoyRacerRoy Senior Member
    edited November 2011
    What is the best E.T. and MPH for that dragster?? WHAT !!, that is not a full size race car,,,wow, unbelievable skill and workmanship..;):):):)
  • TopFuel@LionsTopFuel@Lions Senior Member
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    Very, very nice work, wow!

  • notbeenracingnotbeenracing Senior Member
    edited November 2011
    I think you just took over the "THE MAN" spot from Manzo, I saw these on your first posts and just got back to them today. Impressed doesn't even express this well enough. You do have a talent. Best guess???? how many hours do you have in this????? Can't wait to see it done. You must really owe your friend a big favor. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
    edited December 2011
    sorry it's been a while since i've worked on this. i am getting back to though.

    thank you for the great replies. i'm not sure exactly how many hours i accumulate in a build i never really track them closely. (if the wife new how many she'd beat me silly! hehe) there is a least 3-4 months in the motor alone.

    i tried to count the hours on a recent project, a 1/8 scale AA/FA, and it was over 2000 hrs total. i breeze over a lot of the construction process's to shorten the story but literally you are looking at almost 100% scratchbuilt / handmade.
  • shaketown daveshaketown dave Senior Member
    edited December 2011
    please keep us updated.incredible skill.any new projects?
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    o.k. sorry it's been so long. stuff just happens. let's see, the body i made originally i've decided to trash. i've made a new one so let's start there. here's a re-fresher of the old body.



    here's the new one. i think it looks a little more like fuel car body but, i like it better.



    hope you enjoy!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    here are some detail on the body. i had TDR make some NACA ducts for me so i installed them in the sides and in the drivers cowl. TDR is a company i started dealing with that does 3-d rapid prototyping. they specialized in 1:8 scale but have since expanded to what ever scale you want.


    windshield mounting detail.


    i needed a nose for the dragster so i drew up a print and sent it to TDR and they made me this awesome replica.



    hope you enjoy!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
    edited December 2011
    yeah, i know i've been a little behind in catching up. i've also made the rear wing and the wing struts. also the wheelie bar.




    also got the chute mounts in there too.


    again i hope you enjoy!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    i've also been busy with the details on the data, fuel and ignition systems.





  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
    edited December 2011
    and some more ....




    and here are some of the driver controls.


  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
    edited December 2011
    and some more....





    i hope this is enough for now there are some other updates. i'll get to them later today.

    hope you enjoy!!!!!!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    i started painting this and of course that's where the problems started. i scuffed and cleaned the body before putting on a few coats of self etching primer. a light scuff with some 400, after that 2 coats of filler primer. then i painted the cowl with some pearl white. taped off the panel design i wanted on the cowl and painted the car a dark blue. then i taped off the area i wanted to put some gold leaf stripes. i applied the adhesive sizing, put on the gold leaf. when i went to pull up the tape it removed all the paint all the way down to the bare aluminum. after removing the paint 2 times i gave up on the "custom" paint job and opted for the "it's gonna be solid blue" paint job. i then made some custom decals on my computer w/ inkjet printer. so here's the "blue" paint job.





    hope you enjoy!!!
  • cow10r1cow10r1 Senior Member
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    You my friend are TALENTED . Great job !
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    shaketown dave, you asked if i have any new projects. i'm starting on my most ambitious build to date. i'm going to try and duplicate mike hill's new '69 camaro pro mod in 1:8 scale. my friends at precision built the car for mike and i watched it get built from the beginning to the end. i was amazed at the construction. so, i'm going to try and duplicate it the best i can in 1:8 scale. i have a body being produced by a 3-d printing process. when that arrives i'll start on what will be a very long road to replicating that car. here's a shot of the actual car in front of the shop.



    when i start this project i will start a new thread along with it.
    hope you enjoy!!
  • shaketown daveshaketown dave Senior Member
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    now that is going to be an awesome project.please keep us up to date on far as the paint lifting after using the leaf sizing,the sizing is real thin if i remember under the tapeand ate thru to the metal.i've used catalized clear acrylic enamel on some harleys i did in the past.could never get the sizing figured out and for silver leaf and verigated leaf,it allways worked great for me.too bad year on the other end of the country or i'd offer to get out the airbrush and take care of some paint for you.
    dave werner
  • nitrofan1nitrofan1 Senior Member
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    I am absolutely speechless by your work. That's incredible modeling!!
  • comp1839comp1839 Senior Member
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    cow10r1 and nitrofan, thanks, much appreciated!

    shaketown dave, thanks for the info. it is a shame you're on the other end of the country. i'd take you up on your offer.

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