Bobby Bennett Commentary: "Drag Racing Fell For It Again"

Bobby Bennett Commentary: "Drag Racing Fell For It Again"


  • FootbrakeFootbrake Senior Member
    edited July 2019

    I do agree with Bobby, and I get how you feel. It most certainly is a popularity contest.

    How about starting a Competition Plus DRIVER of the Year Award, and present the award at the SEMA show or another high profile event?

    I am sure we as a group (or Bobby since it is his sandbox) could come up with a rules package that would work to make the field as even as possible as far as the judging, and maybe a fan vote counting as a percentage of the decision? The criteria would of course be public knowledge so we would keep the whining to a minimum. Seeking input from the other sanctioning bodies could help as well.

    I am always reminded by a group of my mentors, that if something is bothering me, what was my part in it? And to try and be a part of the solution. The above suggestion is my attempt at a solution.

    And I can help count the votes...

  • Yvonne*Yvonne* Super Moderator

    Spot on Bobby.

  • Gen. DisarrayGen. Disarray Senior Member

    The perception in the NASCAR racing community , is for a Steve Torrence to win a complete National event ,he's only racing 4000 feet . That's a little over the front stretch of Pocono raceway . If you've never attended an NHRA National event you have no idea how impressive drag racing is with "Sudden Pressure" .TV kills drag racing , the cars look extremely slow . Don't be offended by ESPN omission's , NASCAR from the very top down stinks like ****.

  • WillyWilly Administrator

    It's kind of amusing to watch NHRA'S publicity dept. get so wound up over an award that means nothing.....

    Just look at the statistics for this....

    Even superior drivers in F1 and IndyCar have been passed over in favor of NASCAR's "stars". And IMSA, FIA'S WEC and RallyCross drivers have never even been considered. Why? Probably because ESPN used to make a lot of money as a broadcaster of NASCAR.

    Does ESPN even broadcast motorsports at all these days?

  • SWPMFANSWPMFAN Senior Member

    People still watch ESPN...

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Like one of the FB posters suggested - find out who the judges ae and invite them to some events.

    Or the other option - NHRA tells ESPN "don't nominate any of our drivers anymore".

  • kb301kb301 Senior Member

    No shock! On paper, Steve should have won hands down.

  • DynoGrumpDynoGrump Senior Member

    lets face it, the non drag racing audience probably figures all you do is 'floor it' for 3.5 seconds. How hard can that be ! Torrence coulda won the last 50 races and still probably wouldn't have won the award. I think it is perceived that winning a nascar race is a hell of a lot harder than winning a national event. i'm a drag racing fan and follow very little nascar racing but for me history has indicated succeeding at stock car racing is much more difficult. 3 things that rarely or never happen in nascar indicate to me how harder it is. 1 often, inexperienced people jump right in to drag racing do very well and even win races. 2. the few crossover drivers that have come over to drag racing did ok and I think even won a race (Andretti?) while no one in drag racing has never even placed in a nascar race. 3 in drag racing very few drivers are 'paid' drivers and they have the ride because they own/bought/inherit the seat and in nascar the car owners have to find the driver with the most talent in order to continually finish at the top and maintain the multi million dollar sponsors and if driving was a lot easier than i'm sure the majority of owners would simply cherry pick their drivers based on something other than pure merit. I posed the same scenario when there was a beef on why Danica Patrick got all the sponsors and ink when Erica enders was winning championships. Let Busch and Torrence swap rides for a year, who would fare better!

  • A PooleA Poole Senior Member

    I agree with Bobby's assessment BUT,it shouldn't be a surprise either. I'm a huge college football fan and some of the things I have seen with some ESPY winners are terrible. ESPN is losing viewers @ a dramatic pace. A lot of it is their politics and I for one don't care for ESPN.

  • RVT1000RVT1000 Senior Member

    Any award like this is always a popularity contest and it doesn't deserve much attention.

    I imagine their "Athlete of the Year" was some stick&ball participant. I wonder if any of them ever tried racing motocross?

  • TopFuel@LionsTopFuel@Lions Senior Member

    He is my ESPY winner, Torrence is a monster.


  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    TopFuel... Do you think Torrence ran Tony Shoe off all by himself?

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