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Bloodhound LSR has begun!



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    October 2019 date set for Bloodhound High Speed Test program

    10th July 2019

    • Bloodhound LSR to run at Hakskeen Pan track in South Africa in Autumn 2019
    • Plan includes high speed tests of aerodynamics, handling, desert wheels and parachutes

    The Bloodhound Land Speed Record team announced today that the Bloodhound LSR car will run for the first time on its dry lake bed race track at Hakskeen Pan, Northern Cape, South Africa, in October 2019.

    "We’re delighted to announce that Bloodhound LSR and the Bloodhound team will be going to Hakskeen Pan in South Africa in October 2019 for high speed testing. Following the successful 200mph UK runway trials at Cornwall Airport Newquay in October 2017, the team will be targeting 500mph – a key milestone on the journey to setting a new world land speed record. The record runs are currently scheduled for late 2020.

     The plans were confirmed at a press conference on 9th July by Bloodhound LSR CEO Ian Warhurst: “I’m thrilled that we can announce Bloodhound’s first trip to South Africa for these high speed testing runs.”

     Ian went on to talk about this being the first world land speed record campaign of the digital era. “This world land speed record campaign is unlike any other, with the opportunities opened up by digital technology that enabled the team to test the car’s design using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and that will allow us to gather and share data about the car’s performance in real time.”

     the Bloodhound LSR team has been hard at work preparing the car for these high speed test runs, upgrading and changing many aspects of the car following the successful low speed test runs at Cornwall Airport Newquay in 2017.

     We’ll be using the high speed runs to test the car’s performance and handling at much higher speeds. It will also be a full dress rehearsal for the overall record-breaking campaign. This will include developing operational procedures, perfecting our practices for desert working and testing radio communications.

     One of the most obvious changes to the car is the wheels, which have been swapped for the specially designed solid aluminium desert wheels. At the press conference Ian explained: “We’re running the car on a brand new surface. The wheels have been designed specifically for this desert lake bed, but it will still be vital to test them at high speeds before making record speed runs.”

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    Finally the news we’ve all been waiting for…… Bloodhound is going to the desert this year!

    1st August 2019

    The accommodation is booked, deposits have been paid, and we’re arranging charter flights and sea freight space as I write.

    Bloodhound will touch down in South Africa in the middle of October for 3-4 weeks of ‘High Speed Testing’ on the dry lakebed track at Hakskeenpan. This High-Speed Testing is a key part of getting ready for an attempt at a new 800+ mph Land Speed Record next year. We’re going to take our slow-speed runway Car, which we tested at 200 mph back in 2017, and turn it into a high-speed racing car.

    To do this, we’re fitting the high-speed metal wheels, brake parachutes, pressure sensors, wheel fairings, and so on, ready for speeds well in excess of 500 mph. If things go really well for us out in South Africa, we might even finish up at a speed starting with a “6”, but anything over 500 will allow us to test the aerodynamics, wheels, chutes, etc., so we won’t be pushing too hard just yet. We’ll save that for next year.

    Full detailed article:

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    Reminds me of my first job. It was at a lumber yard and management was in a frenzy to clean the place up because corporate big-wigs were coming in a few days to evaluate the store. My foreman told us teen age minions to go out in the gravel stockyard and make sure the stones were all flipped good- side up!

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    This thing is gettin' real now folks. From their FB page today:

    "An EJ200 Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine arrived earlier this week, fresh from storage at Rolls-Royce. It has now been safely installed in the upper chassis as we head towards the high speed test programme.... "

    Video of the 54,000 HP jet engine arriving at Bloodhound HQ:

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    Aussie Invader update just posted on FB:

    "We often get enquires and suggestions from very knowledgeable people about why we have done certain things the way we have, suggesting a slightly different approach.

    We’ve had to tackle this project completely differently from the way others may have done. We’ve never had the money to buy resources that might have seemed necessary, and believe me this project could suck a hole in a budget of a multinational.

    In reality we will never have the resources to do what some engineers would consider "a proper job”. That may seem odd thing to say, but engineers spending huge amounts of time and money to answer every possible scenario, is not our approach. This car needs to perform for a reasonably short period of time.

    Our approach is like Formula 1 in the 80s, do enough to be confident you can achieve what you want, then go testing and develop from there. We don’t have the resources to digitally simulate every possible eventuality, covering every scenario, of which most will never happen.

    The trouble is rarely do things work out of the box and things we think are perfect will fail, and things we think might give us trouble will work perfectly.

    Test, modify, test, modify and build confidence in your machine.

    A lot more updates coming in the next few weeks. We’ve been full on with trying to get the tank system developed (nearly a year). Stuff we are doing has never been done before! There are no manuals and we don’t believe even reliable data exists, where we are going!

    I would like to add we have had help from some great companies and engineers, all giving their time, via sponsorship. A special thank you goes to world class engineer Paul Martin, who has been working with us for several years, just because he loves what we are doing."

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    Video update posted today on their FB page:

    "The build team have been prepping the car, ready to fit the upper chassis and jet engine"

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    Fascinating behind the scenes on the car/team posted yesterday. It's 15min. so get a cup of coffee:

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    Cool Video, Thanks for sharing!

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  • slugbelchslugbelch Senior Member

    From their FB page today:

    "Another BIG day in the Bloodhound build. Air brake doors fitted! These will be locked open for some of the high speed test runs to see how much drag they create."

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    The team behind the Bloodhound LSR has announced additional details about their upcoming high-speed tests in South Africa.

    Road and Track reports that the LSR will shortly be sent over to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa for no less than 13 individual test runs. Each of these runs will be 50 mph faster than the previous one, until the LSR reaches a top speed of 500 mph.

    “I’ve really enjoyed watching the team rise to the challenge over these past 6 months,” Bloodhound chief executive Ian Warhurst said. “Something which has been talked about and planned for so long is now really happening – and the team have taken it in their stride. Our fantastic new location in the center of a technical college at UTC Berkeley has really helped the project come alive – the project is now in new territory.”

    Testing to begin in 3 weeks!

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    From their FB page:

    "Ahead of testing taking place this month, take a look at how our incredible engineers got us here in the first place:"

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    … aint long now...

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    Yesterday, the nose and 1000mph wheels being put on.

    Testing to begin next week!

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    Bloodhound assembled, press event finished, dry crank engine test earlier today, and now its time for some high sped testing this week!

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    Track prep is complete. Time to go 500mph!

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    "... on the worlds best racing track, we have now brought the worlds best straight-lined racing car, and in a few days time, we will start testing."

    DAY 5 video update:

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    The first shakedown run begins... TODAY!

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    A quick huddle, then STARTUP for shakedown test run #1

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    Time to head back to camp. Will try again tomorrow.

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    DAY 6 Video Update:

    Jess Kinsman is our Run Controller plays a key role in the safe operations out on the desert. She tracks the movement of Bloodhound and the support vehicles at all times using Spinnaker GPS trackers and radio comms."Jess Kinsman is our Run Controller plays a key role in the safe operations out on the desert. She tracks the movement of Bloodhound and the support vehicles at all times using Spinnaker GPS trackers and radio comms."

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    Bloodhound LSR: High Speed Testing - DAY 7

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    "And we're off! Run Profile One has been successfully completed!

    100mph / 160kmh shake down test to bed in brakes and check throttle and steering. Video to follow!"

    Video of yesterday's first start-up checks:

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    Run Report: Profile 1

    26th October 2019

    BLOODHOUND RUN 22 (High Speed Test RUN 1) – 25 OCT 19


    Profile 1. Installation run, using dry power, up to a maximum of 100 mph. Test the steering, brakes, suspension handling and turn-round at the end of track.


    Run Details

    Track 24, start at Km 5, heading North. Car turn under own power at northern end, quick check by Recovery Team, return run to start point.


    Engine start 1200 local. Weather 25C, mostly overcast, wind calm.


    Fuel 61% to 14% indicated. 18 min 30 sec run time.


    • Good start, 52 sec to idle RPM.
    • Car rolls at between 55 and 58 NL, on the soft-ish surface at km 5.
    • Speed increased in steps, with momentary stops in between. Power stepped up gradually to max dry for final accels.
    • Max speed 99 mph.
    • Ride is very firm, as expected, with the minor bumps on the track being felt through chassis. Steering is responsive, but not as precise as the Newquay car on tarmac, also as expected.
    • Causeway crossed at 50 mph and re-crossed at 75 mph. No major ride disturbance in either direction.
    • Comms
    • Still difficult with Start Team in high background noise (with AST/EJ200 running).
    • First ‘Km 4’ call from Rescue 1 was unintelligible, Car stopped as a precaution. Repeat call from Rescue 1, and relay from Control, both loud and clear, suggesting one-off corruption of transmission.
    • At North end of track, the ‘W turn’ worked well to turn the Car round and point back down track. Turn radius of the Car is 260-270m.
    • Brake pressure gradually increased to 25 Bar with no sign of wheel lock (SKID caption not yet working, pending sensor repair). Small but noticeable decel effect at 25 Bar, as expected. Max brake temp 250C (against a limit of 500C). Front bearing temps showed slight increase due to transferred heat.
    • Car cooling system working hard with brief temperature warning during final decel, which went out again as the Car stopped.
    • 90 sec cool down and normal engine shut down.



    Good first run, Car handled well. Slick work by the whole team. Track (and particularly the causeway) appear to be more than smooth enough for high speeds.


    Procedural Points

    • Visual signals used for high noise environments with Start and Recovery teams. These are working well and will be the primary option for future runs.


    Technical Points

    • Primary speed reference for this run was the backup GPS/clock, pending software update for the main speedo.
    • Sensor work (brake and RPM) pending on front left wheel.
    • ‘Km 4’ call unintelligible, to note for future runs.
    • Seat straps are slightly too snug, need minor adjustment (+10 mm on anti-dive straps).

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    Day 9 and Run #1:

    Driver Andy Green: "This feels like a race car ready to go faster. The next few days we'll going to ramping the speed up quite quickly. The car is ready to go."

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