A Pro Stock idea

A Pro Stock idea

V10KLZZ71SV10KLZZ71S Senior Member

I was thinking about requiring engines that are production based such as Ford 460, Chevy 454 etc. Only heads/blocks that are aftermarket available. No DRCE, current Dodge or Ford pieces. This would surely invite different makes. Well over 1000 hp. I don't know, might be a crazy idea but I think this would make strides in getting more folks interested in PS. What do yall think?,


  • alkysbcalkysbc Senior Member
    edited January 9

    While I agree with your idea to a point, I think using current engine platforms LS, Coyote, Hemi that are available to the public would be more relevant to the fans. Also, if you want to bring in other brands to the sport, an IForce Toyota engine is much more comperable to the ones listed than a Big Block. Older, established fans of the sport know and appreciate the engines you've mentioned, but in the interest of garnering new viewers, both to the sport and the class, current tech is needed. Plus, the win on Sunday, sell on Monday theme is much more effective when the engines used are currently in showrooms. My two cents....

  • Don Oneal is running a 350 supercharged engine out of a factory showdown camaro in his Pro Stock camaro. has run in the 6.60's.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    Yes, I was going to ask V10 if his idea would include modern muscle. I've always liked to idea of FFS engines in P/S cars,

  • V10KLZZ71SV10KLZZ71S Senior Member

    Yeah I would love the current engines and FFS style. But then you have cu in difference between brands, DOHC vs Pushrod and boost or n/a where as with the "old" big block style it is straight up 500 in at a set weight. It just needs to be more stock as it was intended, stock bodies with necessary aero mods for safety. Using the more oem based engines surely would save money,idk, My thought was that with no decent Mopar or Ford stuff, using the big 3's big block based engines it would make a close field with good head and block offerings available for all 3. The by product would be more research and better products coming from the aftermarket compared to improvements made to the DRCE s which equates to zero for the average joe.

  • HEMI_guyHEMI_guy Senior Member

    If they went the route of old school production stuff NA, a HEMI built by Barton or Wescott would clean up.

  • Gen. DisarrayGen. Disarray Senior Member

    Only the Ford in PS dead horse has been beaten more than the solution to PS dead horse . Make me King for a day and the following would happen. 1. Set an expiration date on this version of PS . 2. All PS go to PM 3. All FSS go to PS . Simple , RJ , Haas & Bickel can build the new cars as redemption for the ruination they created of the disregard of the concept of stock .

  • a21studa21stud Senior Member

    Pro Stock in the 70’s had huge manufacturer variety and we never knew what mix would show up at the next race. (OK... Indy did have them all.)

    Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Olds, Ford, Mercury, Plymouth, Dodge and AMC were all taking their best shot. Add in the varied personalities like Grumpy, Dyno Don, Dandy Dick Landry, Gapp n Roush, Haas, Ed Dixon, Animal Jim, Buddy Ingersoll and they had the ability to show us real innovation... because it was allowed. Of course the neatest and wildest ideas were immediately attacked by those who didn’t think of it (but secretly wished they did.).

    The fun was seeing crazy interesting ideas like a 4 door Maverick, backwards hood scoops, wheelie bars on a door car because they were now needed, a super low Mercury Zepher with a deck lid wing, an off the wall AMC Hornet... or Grumpy’s tube chassis Vega and especially Buddy Ingersoll’s turbo V6 Olds,

    Pro Stock today has just one Chevy based motor in a bunch of Camaro bodies plus a couple bastardized Mustangs and Darts.

    Zero innovation allowed in NHRA Pro Stock and that’s the real reason why this thread was started. We crave innovation. But we still want multiple brands with the correct motors in them. We want racers to be able to develop a new mouse trap.

    Pro Mod allows innovation. Who would have guessed in 2016 that a Pro Charger would be NHRA Pro Mod legal a short 4 years later? Pro Mod is gear head interesting. It’s going to be a great year for Pro Mod.

    The 2020 Pro Stock Owners Club is full of great people. But like the Sailing World Cup, there are very few actual Pro Stock car owners. If you’re not silver spoon wealthy or willing to gamble your last dollar, don’t enter. Many of the drag race lovers who are super wealthy or gamblers have already picked to race 2020 Pro Mod.

    The suggestions already made above in this thread all just point to our craving. Innovation.

  • racer12306racer12306 Senior Member

    I am all for a FSS engine in an existing pro stock car.

    One problem to consider is it seems the FSS engines are about maxed out. Not in a power making perspective but from a not breaking stuff perspective.

  • they are still using factory parts. some aftermarket parts in critical areas should alleviate that

  • racer12306racer12306 Senior Member

    Absolutely. It's just that gets around the "factory element."

    I'm not opposed to that, just saying people won't like it.

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