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  • Posted a few hour ago by Shirley Muldowney: "A one of a Kind Ramp Truck built by Carmen Hall , Simply amazing Craftsmanship and perfection to Detail." (Click on pic to enlarge)…
  • Just posted by Mark Gredzinski from Straight Line Modelers (Accurate Drag Cars ONLY!): "I did this chassis over 10 years ago in 1/25th and decided to give it a wash under the tap and re-photograph it. Its been so long since I finished one I nee…
  • Well, BIG answered my question, (At 51:20) after being in the Smithsonian since 1987, then put into storage in 2005, Swamp Rat XXX will be taken out and put on PERMANENT DISPLAY at the new Smithsonian Motorsports Museum in 2022. YES! (5) Facebook
  • Today at noon. BIG on Summit FB page: "Join the conversation as we welcome drag racing legend "Big Daddy" Don Garlits! Submit your questions now and if we ask yours during the livestream, you'll be entered into a drawing for a Summit …
  •  Two New Dodge Vipers Were Sold In Q1 2021, Along With A Dart ( Apr. 2, 2021 "The Dodge Viper racked up a grand total of two sales in the first quarter of 2021. That's already half of the total volume sold last year when the V10 supe…
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  • 20 YEARS AGO today Rammstein's 3rd album was released that spawned 6 singles, the most they ever released for an album "Sonne" reached to #2 in their home country Germany
  • A reminder of how old you are, lol
  • Yep. This year was way too easy.
  • NHRA legends Don Schumacher and Connie Kalitta will duel in Vegas match | NHRA
  • From Joshua Hart DFB page: "Limited supply of our Gator Nationals Victory T-shirts are available now for purchase! Send your request with size you wish to have and shipping address. $29.99 shipping included!" #winner #race #wally #topfuel…
  • April 8 Georgia lifts its ban on large events.
  • From Ed Carpenter Racing FB page: "The design of this year’s No. 20 U.S. Air Force and Space Force Recruiting car honors the B-2 Spirit, the only stealth bomber in the world. A dramatic leap forward in technology, the bomber represents a major …
  • Elon's tweet after it exploded:
  • IT'S HAPPENING NOW! LIVE SpaceX Starship SN11 is about to launch 🚀AND LAND! 🛸 Also here:
  • From John Judson who was at Funny Car Chaos this past weekend
  • Funny Car Chaos FB page so far.
  • "Our drivers are back! We've all waited long for this, but it's finally here! Watch as we start the countdown clock to lights out LIVE in Bahrain!" Live video: (1) Facebook
  • How about that! Kyle Smith runs a career best to take out both-ends-of-the-record setter and #1 qualifier Del. Awesome! Video of the final: (1) Facebook
  • Posted today from Paul Drago on Straight Line Modelers (Accurate Drag Cars ONLY!) and Quarter Mile Modelers FB page: "Completed Don Garlits 1964 Swamp Rat tribute. Based on a photo from Hot Rod magazine." "This was a different and cha…
  • Just posted from Drag Racing Back-Up-Girls: "Erin Jones Winters, co-bug of the Year 2020, will be at the Southern Nationals in Commerce Georgia....we'll be there too!" (click on pic to enlarge)…
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  • From The Roaring Season FB page: (click on pic to enlarge)
  • From Funny Car Chaos FB page "Scott Palmer Racing in the house!"
  • From AJ Foyt Racing AJ Foyt Racing | Facebook
  • ^ Agree. They should put Germany's NitrOlympX on FOX as well. Beautiful venue visually and a bunch of cool stuff.
  • International Hot Rod Association - IHRA Hall of Fame Inductee: Scotty Cannon
  • It's confirmed on NHRA FB page.
  • These may be the perfect mode of transport for the racing community that are on the road a fraction of their real Peterbilt's. Plus, wraps works wonders these days like the Top Fuel winner yesterday.
  • "I can't afford to pay the other car because I sank all my money on mine."
  • Watch the Tesla Semi speed around a race track in a new testing video: VIDEO: Tesla Semi races around track during testing (
  • 1 year ago today, shutdown for 30 days: NHRA statement concerning suspension of racing due to coronavirus pandemic | NHRA